Case Study: K-12 School District

Preventative HVAC Service and Energy Solutions

Energy costs are one of the largest operating expenses for school districts, and in recent years those costs have increasingly impacted overall budgets.

This K-12 school district consists of eleven schools and buildings. They were looking for the best ways to stay financially viable while trying to address the continuous needs of their district.

Some of the needs that had not received adequate attention were energy savings and capital outlay pertaining to district lighting, doors, windows, roofing, and most notably, HVAC.

Linc Service provided an entirely self- funded solution to the district, allowing them to make critical upgrades and repairs. In addition, the district is expected to achieve significant energy and operational savings from the measures and systems implemented within their schools, generating over $2.7 million in asset modernization.


The K-12 school district needed to improve the quality of the learning environment for students and faculty by upgrading an aging infrastructure, without increasing taxpayer burden.


  • Retro-commissioned HVAC systems
  • New high-efficiency boilers and lighting
  • Installed district-wide, state-of-the-art, web-based HVAC control system
  • Implemented new ground water management system


  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • District-wide facility improvements entirely self-funded with no additional tax burden
  • Maximized the life cycle of their assets
  • Improved learning environment for the students

“As a deficit school district, we look for the best ways to stay financially viable while trying to address the continuous needs of our district,” explained Director of Business and Finance for the K-12 school district. “Through Linc Service’s program, we were able to upgrade our systems, reduce our energy consumption, and guaranteed savings.”