Vulcan is an Energy Star® Partner

Energy Star
Energy Star® is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. This rating system was created to recognize top performing buildings in terms of energy efficiency and environmental awareness. An Energy Star® certified facility uses less energy, is more cost effective to operate, and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the Linc Service® Network Vulcan is an Energy Star® Partner

By partnering with the EPA, Vulcan is demonstrating our environmental awareness, as well as helping our customers improve energy efficiency and reduce their operating costs.

Contact Vulcan to find out more about our Energy Star® programs and approach to help you improve your facility’s energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Smart Energy Solutions

Vulcan “Smart Energy Solutions” Program

Vulcan specializes in smart energy and building solutions that can dramatically reduce your energy consumption while helping you realize the benefits of a healthier and more sustainable working environment. Let our experts work closely with you to take these four simple steps:

Benchmark 1: Benchmark your Facility to Peer Facilities
At no cost or obligation, VULCAN will identify your building’s energy savings potential and it’s Energy Star® Rating.

Assess 2: Assess your Environment with our State-Of-The-Art Analysis Technology
Once benchmarking has been completed and your energy savings potential determined, VULCAN can further assess your building systems performance using advanced, wireless technology in order to identify specific problem areas where savings opportunities exist.

Propose + Implement 3: Propose and Implement Improvements that will Save You Money
With significant savings opportunities identified, VULCAN provides you with low cost or no cost plans focused on systems or equipment that are inefficient or poorly functioning. Savings of between 5-30% can be realized in your next utility bill!

Maintain + Improve 4: Maintain and Improve Systems to Optimize Performance and Efficiency
Once initial improvements have been made and savings realized, VULCAN will work with you to maintain and improve upon these efficiencies over time. System monitoring and maintenance will ensure that your facility will continue to operate at peak performance and efficiency.