A Safety Culture at Vulcan Mechanical Services

Safety is an integral part of protecting our associates, protecting the business interests of our clients, and supporting a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with both. We invest in the training of our associates to be sure every project is well executed and done in a safe manner. In addition to complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, we have many programs to benefit the safety of our customers and associates alike. We promote safety as part of our company culture.

Vulcan Mechanical Services Safety Committee

Vulcan has a safety committee made up of associates from all facets of our company. It is the charter of the safety committee to take a holistic look at safety requirements and anticipate problems that might otherwise potentially cause unsafe conditions. Committee members take suggestions from our associates with regard to all environmental, health, or safety concerns. For any questions regarding these or any other programs please contact us.